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Our approach to services in education and other occupational industries is focused on leadership behaviors and meeting you where they’re at. Our consulting strategy and passion in this realm involves helping clients ensure that organizational and individual dimensions are considered and effectively dealt with in an attempt to navigate change and growth and operational excellence.  

What we do

Change, Learn, Repeat

Behavioral Assessments and Safety Culture Surveys

Organizational climate and behavior is assessed to provide recommendations for improving worker engagement and enhanced understanding of an organization’s culture leading toward optimal production and safety performance. 

Health & Safety Consulting and Training

Our network of associates bring a combined hundreds of years of experience in safety and health across numerous occupational industries. Examples of general consulting services we are regularly contracted to perform include: safety and health bench marking, risk analysis, and physical safety audits and assessments. Our safety and health training services are broad in scope. Examples of topics include (but are not limited to): emergency response training (including tabletop exercises and drills), incident investigation techniques, hazard identification and risk management procedures, etc. 

Keynote and Other Speaking Engagements

​Dr. Guasta is available for speaking engagements, executive roundtables, case story presentations, etc. Past topics have included, fatigue and impairment in the workplace, behavior-based safety interventions, the importance of courageous leadership, influencing worker’ behavior, and other special topics. 


Safety Planning & Emergency Preparedness

Evaluation and assistance in developing emergency preparedness plans and long-term safety processes and solutions focused on achieving the organization’s health and safety objectives. 


Executive and Frontline Leadership Coaching Services

​Consultation and training services are provided to various levels (one-on-one or small group format) to assist leaders with professional development and targeted skills related to leadership effectiveness. This type of leadership coaching can be useful in general skill development and can help leaders work through specific issues they are faced with due to their position. Former topics have included interpersonal dynamics, personality clashes, role alignment, as well as goal setting and assessment.

Incident & Compliance Management

​Support is provided in incident investigations and analysis of root causes and contributing factors. Assistance is also provided in determining best approaches toward statutory and regulatory compliance. 

Occupational Safety & Health Maturity Evaluations

A remote survey is constructed and administered across operations to determine an organization’s safety and health maturity level. A report of findings, including recommendations is produced. The initial survey can be customized based on the client’s interests; however, standard categories include: leadership commitment, strategic importance of health and safety, safety management system, organizational buy-in, safety staff and resources, training, and technology. The assessment output for the Health and Safety Maturity Model includes four phases ranging from Phase I (Immediate Action Needed) to Phase IV (Maturity Actualized).

Subject Matter Expert & Litigation Assistance

Fatigue Risk Assessments (FRA)

​A Fatigue Risk Assessment identifies primary risk factors that contribute to overall fatigue risk and involves assessments and surveys with a sample population of employees onsite. Examples of risk factors involve the following:

  • Shift patterns and how they impact circadian rhythms
  • How breaks are organized
  • What countermeasures are offered to employees for fatigue mitigation
  • Commute times for employees
  • Hydration and nutrition options during shift
  • Temperatures in work environments
  • Cursory review of employee health issues for risks to “fitness for duty”
  • Additional factors related to worker lifestyle

Results are compiled and findings and recommendations are presented to management.

Impairment Training and Drug Recognition Expertise

Supervisory Leadership Development

Fatigue Risk Assessments (FRA)

We are experts at mitigating primary and secondary fatigue risk factors across a wide variety of industries.

Fatigue Risk Assessments (FRA) 

​A Fatigue Risk Assessment identifies primary and secondary risk factors that contribute to stress and occupational burnout. Examples of risk factors involve:

  • Personal stress triggers 
  • Nature of work demands and other organizational responsibilities
  • Shift patterns and how they impact circadian rhythms
  • How breaks are organized
  • What countermeasures are used for fatigue mitigation
  • Commute times for employees
  • Additional factors related to worker lifestyle (nutrition, physical activity, etc.)

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